Friday, May 20, 2011

Milano OTREG

Thanks to everyone for making the Milano OTREG so successful - in particular Davide Ravasi for his fantastic hospitality and the incredible dinner! Thanks also to Paul Hirsch (who flew in all the way from the US) and Martin Kilduff for giving excellent talks. Some pictures attached!

The next OTREG meeting will take place on Friday 23rd September in Cambridge. More details to follow.

Kamal Munir

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OTREG - now open and operating in Montreal

We are pretty pleased to inform you that Montreal now has it's very own OTREG group. Totally inspired (ie copied) by the UK original, Charlotte Cloutier and Viviane Sergi (both from HEC Montreal) and Ruthanne Huising (from McGill) started the group in the fall of 2010. As some of you may know, Charlotte joined OTREG while a post-doctoral research fellow at the Said Business School at Oxford University in 2009-2010. She thoguht the idea was so great, she convinced some of her colleagues in Montreal to start a similar group locally. The group held its first meeting on December 1st at HEC Montreal, with Sarah Kaplan(University fo Toronto) as special guest. About ten of us got together to discuss two papers, and go out for dinner at a local restaurant. A second meeting was held on February 3rd (at McGill this time) with Kim Elsbach (UC Davis) as planned special guest. However, Kim's flight was cancelled due to adverse weather and she could not make it. The meeting was held anyway, again with two papers being discussed and a very fun evening at Montreal's very cool Pullman bar and restaurant. A third meeting is scheduled for April 7th at HEC, with Dennid Gioia (Penn Stat) as special guest. Rumours have it that Sarah has now started a similar group in Toronto. If any UK OTREGgers happen to be passing through Montreal - please get in touch (;; ). We would love to hear from you. We may even plan a special Montreal OTREG session for the occasion! Regards, Charlotte Cloutier

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear OTREGgers,

I am very pleased to thank you all for the immense help you provided during two (!) OTREG meetings where I presented our paper on "false starts".

The paper is now in-press at the Academy of Management Journal with the title "Reversal of Strategic Change". We acknowledge the OTREG group --apologies if I failed to name someone specifically who desevred to be thanked, there were many.

For those of you who couldn't get enough of our research during the two seminar presentations, you can click to:


Henri Schildt

Monday, January 24, 2011

OTREG Meeting - 4th March 2011

The next OTREG meeting will be held on Friday 4th March at Imperial College. The meeting will last from 3 - 6pm, and will be held in the Lower Ground lecture theatre in the Business Schol.

Please contact Donna Sutherland-Smith ( to confirm your attendance, and to let her know if you plan to attend the pub afterwards, so that she can reserve a table.

Friday, December 3, 2010

OTREG 10th December 2010

The next OTREG meeting will be held in the Cambridge Judge Business School on Friday 10th December. Papers will be presented by:

1. Ismael Al-Amoudi, Henley Business School.
2. Martin Kilduff, Cambridge Judge Business School.
3. Juliane Reinecke, Cambridge Judge Business School.

CJBS is located on Trumpington Street, Central Cambridge, on the Old Addenbrooke's Site. The meeting will be held in room KH107, adjacent to the main building. Swipe card access is required into this building, and Ella Hewitt will be standing at the main door from 2:20 until 2:45pm. If you are unable to arrive within this time, then please ask for Ella at reception, and she will be happy to give you access to the Keynes House building.

If you are still yet to register for the event, and wish to do so, please email and Ella will send you out the papers for next week's meeting.

Best wishes


Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks from Martin Kilduff

Professor Martin Kilduff would also like to thank the OTREG community for their help with his paper on the philosophy of science, which was prepared for resubmission to the AMR special topic forum on new theory. The paper has been conditionally accepted.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

'Formal Dining at Cambridge Colleges'

Kamal Munir, Paul Tracey and Tina Dacin would also like to thank the OTREG community for their invaluable feedback on a paper they presented at the OTREG meeting in Paris, September 2008. The paper was accepted and is now available on the AMJ website:

Tina Dacin, Kamal. A. Munir, Paul Tracey (2010), "Formal Dining at Cambridge Colleges: Linking Ritual Performance and Institutional Maintenance" Academy of Management Journal, Vol 53, number 6, December 2010