Monday, November 17, 2008

Here are a few pictures (courtesy: Henri Schildt) from OTREG's last meeting in London. Thanks to all participants for a highly stimulating discussion. All presenters felt they benefited greatly from the comments. We hope to see all of these papers in print very soon!
The next meeting will take place in London on Friday January 23rd, 2009. Please let me know if you would like to present.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Speakers for November 14 OTREG Meeting

1. Violina Rindova (UT Austin), Martin Kilduff (University of Cambridge) & Ye Dai: Reinventing Coffee: The Changing Meaning of Coffee in the US Specialty Coffee Industry (1980-1995).

2. Elena Dalpiaz (Bocconi University), Davide Ravasi (Bocconi University), Violina Rindova (University of Texas, Austin) : A cultural quest: A study of cultural repertoire enrichment

3. Shahzad Ansari (RSM), Frank Wijen (Rotterdam School of Management) and Barbara Gray (Penn State Univ): Institutionalization in Collective Action Fields: Actors and Factors for Building Collaborative Institutions

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Next OTREG Meeting

In November, OTREG returns to its usual haunt: Imperial College, London. The next meeting of OTREG will be held on 14 November, 2008 at 2:00pm. If you wish to attend, please email Donna Sutherland at

Tanaka BusinessSchool, Imperial College, is in South Kensington, London SW7 2AZ. This meeting will not be held in the main building but at

The meeting is in the Billiard's room at 58 Princes Gate and is shown as building no. 23 on this map:

If travelling by tube, the nearest station is South Kensington (on theDistrict, Circle and Piccadilly lines), and Imperial College is a fiveminute walk from the station - either follow the subway signposted tothe museums or walk north up Exhibition Road. The campus is just past the Science Museum.

Trains - plan your journey:
Underground - plan your journey:

OTREG in Paris, 18 Sept 2008

On September 18th, 2008, OTREG was hosted by Rodolphe Durand at HEC's beautiful campus near Versailles. Papers were presented by David Courpasson, Eva Boxenbaum, Bernard Leca and Kamal Munir. In addition to the usual program, David Courpasson, Michael Lounsbury and Marie-Laure Djelic gave talks to the 50 or so participants. OTREG would like to thank Rudi for hosting us in such a magnificent setting, and for his generous hospitality.

A Brief History

OTREG (Organization Theory Research Group) was founded in 2006 by Kamal Munir (Cambridge University) and Nelson Phillips (Imperial College). The unique format emerged out of discussions with several friends, including Marc Ventresca (Oxford), Raghu Garud (Penn State), Hugh Willmott (Cardiff) and Anand Narasimhan (IMD).

OTREG is a group of thirty or so organization theorists from various UK and European universities that meet every six weeks. Prior to the meeting, three manuscripts from members (under revision for journals) are distributed. The group dissects the papers, considers the reviews and give in-depth comments on how to improve the paper.

Before OTREG, there was no regular forum to discuss organization theory in Europe (they had to wait a year for EGOS). Most OT departments in UK and European schools are quite small, and young researchers found themselves isolated and unable to discuss their work with colleagues. Moreover, there has traditionally been little or no interaction across these departments.

With OTREG they are able to connect with each other, benefit from collective experience (and those of senior colleagues), and feel inspired by each others' work. Moreover, the group provides a bridge with an increasing number of North American researchers. Most recently, Prof. Dick Scott participated in an OTREG meeting. Previously, scholars such as Royston Greenwood, Wanda Orlikowski, Raghu Garud, Michael Lounsbury, David Courpassson, and others have participated in meetings.

Thanks to OTREG, researchers from schools like London Business School, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, Warwick, IMD (Lausanne), HEC (Paris), Max Planck Institute (Germany), Bocconi U (Milan), Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus), Helsinki, Vienna among several others now meet regularly to advance research in organization theory.

While OTREG generally meets at Imperial College in London, at least twice a year, we convene in other European cities. Most recently, these included Rotterdam and Paris.

Holding a meeting at a particular school not only contributes to the worldwide visibility of the school, enhance its reputation for promoting research, but also fosters links between this highly productive group of organizational researchers and the school's other faculty.

If you wish to become part of OTREG, you may request Kamal or Nelson to be part of its mailing list. You must attend 2-3 meetings before you are allowed to present your own work.